We were approached by the ethical coffee start up Presto, looking to inject more personality and develop a design that was unique and reflected their brand purpose: sustainable coffee that consumers could simply make at home that would taste just as good as their cafe favourite.

We developed the strategy around a brand idea of ‘Consciously Uncomplicated’. Our design embodied the simplicity that Presto offers its consumers, coffee they can make at home, that tastes great and doesn’t require a degree in coffee to understand. As a direct-to-consumer brand, we took inspiration from their name Presto meaning quick and easy, that manifested in the finger click at the heart of our identity. We developed a simple and bold design, which enables easy range navigation and only presents the most important product information. Voila, Presto uncomplicated coffee for every kind of drinker wherever they are on their coffee journey - from instant to beans and everything in between.

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