Potts' Cooking Sauces

Potts’ is a family business dedicated to making meals more enjoyable with delicious home-style sauces, stocks, gravies, and condiments. Their business saw a huge acceleration in growth when they launched their liquid stocks in cans, that locked in freshness and flavour, and more importantly provided an infinitely recyclable format in the aluminium can.

Taking that success as inspiration, The Potts’ team have worked with This Way Up to create a range of ethnic ‘sauces in cans’ that disrupt the whole category and literally throw the spoon out of the window. The ‘sauces in cans’ range features Italian favourites such as Ragu alla Calabrese, Thai Red Curry and Indian Tikka Masala. In total the range has 8 varieties so plenty to choose from. The designs take inspiration from the craft beer world, with vibrant patterns and stand-out graphics that evoke the spirit of each ethnicity and scream flavour without actually showing product. The cans open fully at one end to allow easy pouring of each sauce and come in 330ml sized packs. The sauce world may never be the same again!

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