Hampstead Tea is a beverage with a mission. The tea is cultivated on the Macabari Estate in India, on a BioDynamic plantation, which means that the growers give back more nutrients to the soil than they take from it. The tea plants grow amidst rich rainforest with wild animals including tigers, elephants and brightly coloured tropical birds living within the plantation. There is a respect for nature that even includes harvesting at certain times of the lunar calendar.

Naturally, the tea plants draw on this rich, natural abundance to produce a taste that is simply unique. Our brand positioning for Hampstead Tea was anchored in this lush, natural approach to tea cultivation, and the packaging design tells the wonderful Biodynamic story. As the brand was born in Hampstead North London, we also incorporated a nod to the street sign lettering that typifies this leafy, bohemian borough.

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