Żywiec Zdrój

From nature, protecting nature

Żywiec Zdrój is a mineral water brand from the crystal clear underground mountain rivers found in the beautiful Żywiecki Park in the south of Poland. Fresh streams, rugged mountains and abundant wildlife, give the source of this water a unique power to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Żywiec Zdrój is also committed to protecting its special environment through planting more than 6 million trees, renewing a thousand mountain trails and supporting over a hundred ecological initiatives as well as a plastic pledge, to ensure future generations can enjoy the unspoiled national park for years to come.

Our team were tasked to capture this spirit and vision, and reflect the raw nature of the national park where the spring is located. We created a flowing signature ‘Z’ river on pack, to connect the brand to the clear mountain water and its inspiring descent through the national park.

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